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Dear Fellow Investors,

YouList Realty, Inc. specializes in purchasing distressed properties throughout the United States. Typically, these properties are in need of some type of repair, ranging from minor cosmetic repairs to complete renovation.

The majority of our properties are sold to investors for, significantly below market, who will rehab the properties and resell them at full market value.

Our Wholesale Investor Partners receive "first look" at these properties for purchase prior to us putting them on the open market, or rehabbing ourselves.

If you would like to be among the first to know about each new property as it becomes available, please join our Buyers E-Mail list. We will automatically send you information on every property we acquire. You will have all of the information before it is seen in the paper or even before we put up the "For Sale" sign in the yard. Sound interesting?

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If you would like to contact us immediately to see what properties we have available, please call me personally at 1-800-869-2353.

We look forward to a mutually profitable relationship!

YouList Realty, Inc.

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